Local SEO To Increase Your Website Traffic

Using SEO to advertise locally is possibly the most difficult marketing strategy to apply to your name. This is mostly due to the way Google yields search results.

In other words, if you search for your business plus your city you should see your webpage listed inside the search results. Sometimes though there are certain words and services that just don’t trigger a proper search result. This means you will have to take a more traditional SEO approach with building links rather than a localized one of building directories.

The next step and a very important one is determining exactly where your business is located. It is important to note that you will always find it easier to rank inside a very localized search rather than a state wide search. This is because Google will favor certain businesses located in any given region.

Google search often times gives a strong preference to any business that is located closest to the downtown area of whatever city that is being searched. So giving a general search such as Boston Donuts will result in all the donut shops closest to the downtown of Boston a preference over the rest. So if you are outside of the main downtown area you may find it hard to stand apart from the rest.

This next step is for the people who want to outrank the number one localized listing inside your search results. You will have to take a step in determining just how competitive your market is. Upon running a search, take all the information listed for the number one ranked business, put it inside quotation marks, and hit the search button. You are checking how many results you get in the search.

The number of search results is the number of directories and citation that you will need to outrank to get inside that number one slot. Repeat this process for every main business listed on the first search page to see what you are up against. Although the number one spot may seem unobtainable, third or fourth can be possible and still a great position to be in. Check our affordable SEO company , Cheap web design , affordable adwords management & SEO Packages for boost your ranking.

The last step you will want to take is basically you getting to work making your business more relevant inside the internet. After you have found what you need to do to be in the top seven listings on Google search results you will want to surpass those numbers. This not only means creating a Google Places page but also just putting yourself into the many directories in your city. The whole point of this is to become as relevant and easy to find as possible.

As long as you put in the effort you will see some results. Getting into the top links may take some time so don’t become discouraged when it doesn’t occur over night. Just continue to make yourself known inside your community and always maintain your internet presence.