The following constitute the questions we are asked frequently:


1. What work will you do on my website?

There is not straight answer to this question as each website has its unique features. Nevertheless, we will evaluate your website and come up with a strategy to get it indexed high up the search engine listings. We evaluate your web design and structure then so that we can compare them with that of your competitors. Then we set a SEO marketing strategy for your website that might include optimization, link building, directory submissions, mutual link building or any other measures we deem suitable to achieve the desired objective.

2. Why is link building important for high search engine rankings?

SEO Link building is beneficial to your website in that it enhances its credibility. The more reputable or highly ranked on Google the websites that are linked to your site, the more prominent your site becomes to the major search engines. This is why link popularity is so important in search engine optimization.

3. Why are Meta tags important?

Meta tags are not visible to visitors to your website. They provide encoded data about your website that the search engines use to list and index your web pages. Unfortunately, their use in this regard has been abused by some unscrupulous SEO services providers such that most webmasters do not give them serious consideration. At Real SEO Company (RSC), we have zero tolerance for unethical, abusive application of Meta tags. We take Meta tag optimization seriously and have incorporated it as part of our SEO marketing strategy!

4. I have a Flash website. Does this affect my ranking?

There is no straight answer to this one. Flash-based websites have always posed problems for search engines and are notoriously difficult to rank well in Google. But the good news is that it is not impossible to get high rankings with such sites in Google! The solution is you don’t have to optimize your web page content, but you have to optimize the links to your site. In other words, we can get your flash website to the top of Google rankings without optimizing your web pages. Instead, we will compensate by getting many incoming links containing the key words for which you want to get high rankings in the link texts.

5. Do you use spamming in your optimization?

No, we don’t! At RSC, we do not take part in nor do we condone unethical, “Black Hat” techniques to achieve SEO of our clients websites.

6. How long does the optimization process take?

Each website is unique from the rest out there. Consequently, the optimization results will vary from site to site. The more competitive the search terms (key words) for your website or your business niche is, the longer it will take for your website to attain SEO status. Typical results for clients we have served range from 2 weeks to several months or even a year to attain a top ranking. From when we get started working on your site, you may observe initial results immediately. But the ultimate objective of realizing your website’s optimization may take longer.

7. Do you submit my site to the search engines as part of your service?

Yes, we do! Manual submission to the directories and search engine submissions are part of our SEO services package.

8. What is blacklisting?

This is definitely something that you would want to avoid for your website. Blacklisting is when search engines refuse to list your pages. This generally happens as a result of poor SEO. This could arise, for instance, from a website having a META keyword tag crammed with popular keywords that don’t actually appear in its content. It is smart to work with an ethical SEO service provider like RSC to avoid becoming a victim.

9. My competitors are using spam tactics. Why is it working for them?

The search engines might not detect black hat tactics immediately. However, we can assure you that they won’t be eluded forever! Once detected, your website will be blacklisted. Trickery for the purpose of taking a short cut to realizing a high ranking on the search engines for a short-term gain does not do your business any good. Even your competitors, on finding out, shall turn you in to the search engines. We therefore recommend that you stick to ethical SEO marketing practices to enhance your website’s ranking in the search engine listings. And here is where our services at RSC come into play!

10. Do I need to create a lot of content to attain high search engine rankings?
It depends on how competitive your niche is. If your business’s niche is highly competitive, it works to your advantage if you compile extensive comprehensive content incorporating the relevant key words for your niche. That way, you offer your web visitors additional information on your product(s)/service(s) which your competitors might not be offering, to set your site above the fold! But, if your competition is minimal, you could settle for a less extensive content.

RSC Company FAQs:

1. How long have you been in business?
The answer to this question can be located at the link “About Us”.
2. How does your guarantee work?
Our guarantee applies to the service that we, RSC provide you directly. If you are satisfied with our services in that you get the results that you wanted for your website, you pay the remainder of our contract fees. But if you are not, you do not make the payment. Our guarantee does not apply to services provided by other parties, such as training, consultation, paid reviews and link building.

3. Where are you located?

We are based in the United States. But, we service businesses/clients from all over the world!

4. What happens after you have got my website to the top positions?

You will have two options then. First, you can opt for one of our maintenance packages. Second, you can settle for your initial web results and hope that your site’s position does not drop down the search engine listings. Once we have achieved the objective of getting your site to the ranking of you want, our job contract with you ends. The ultimate decision is therefore up to you!

5. I’m told that SEO services cannot be guaranteed. How does RSC make it happen?

We use the very best in terms of skills and tools to make it happen. Yes, we know that according to Google, SEO services are not credible and are incapable of delivering on their word. At RSC, we follow a specially designed suite of rules and study many SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to back up our guarantee. We do this to ensure that our client’s pages are at fully search engine optimized.

6. Do you use automated software?

No, we do not use automation for SEO. We only use automated software to check the daily rank of a client’s webpage.

7. How much do your SEO services cost?

You can find this information on our SEO services & SEO Package page. Or, you can contact us for a customized quote for your website.

8. Can I do it myself?

If you have the time and energy to set aside from the daily essential chores of running your business, the answer is YES! We know that this is not the case for most business owners. Therefore, if you want the best guaranteed SEO results for your website from the most seasoned, skilled and experienced professionals in the business, let RSC handle it for you!

9. Can using SEO services hurt my rankings?

Good question! The answer is yes, if the company that you are dealing with uses “Black Hat” techniques. It will get you penalized by the search engines. On the other hand, the answer is no, if you opt for a credible, reputable company like RSC. This will ensure that you get unique content, a well optimized site in terms of its design and structure and quality link building.

10. Are there clients that you won’t take on?

Yes. There are 2 types of websites that we do not work with:
i. Websites that would compete for the key words or search phrases already selected by our current clients.

ii. Websites promoting pornography or casinos. We do not consider adult content good value for our time and effort! Besides, we shall have no part in helping market a website promoting a product/service that could potentially result in the financial ruin of the visitors thereof.