Real SEO Company is a TOP Local SEO company in Bangladesh. Our SEO team is fully skilled & provides high quality work. We have much good business relation around the world. Every team member keep eye on search engine terms and algorithm.

Why us

We realize that you need to make PROFIT. If you are not TOP in search engines, then we will refund your money without any questions. Any questions about our guarantee. please feel free to Contact.

Who We Are?

We consider ourselves the affordable SEO Company (RSC) because we have a highly experienced, skilled, specialized and seasoned SEO team to take care of your SEO needs. We are a company that employs top notch internet marketing techniques with over seven years of experience providing affordable SEO packages to clients from all across the globe! Our team of SEO experts is committed to providing your business unparalleled service to achieve the best possible results. At Real SEO Company we can help you secure and dominate the top position for your niche on the first page of the major search engines, most notably Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN, guaranteed!

Search engine optimization is critical for your website to attain an internet presence, with which you’ll get ahead of your competition. Without it, potential clients will opt for your competitors ahead of you, resulting in you losing business. We do not promise a miracle or overnight results, but we can assure you that we will provide our time-tested SEO marketing skills to enhance your name brand immensely on the internet. Our SEO experts will funnel a good chunk of the customers for your niche away from your competitors and straight to you! We can help you optimize a website that is ready to go, as well as one that needs revamping. You probably have a great product/service to offer and a great business plan along with it – all you need is customers / web traffic. That’s where we come in. Your quest for high traffic to your website ends with us! Our dedicated SEO marketing team will help you attain this objective and put your SEO worries to rest!

We are well equipped to comprehensively handle the promotion of your business site. A website needs to be designed so that it’s above the fold. We have web development artists to help you do this, ensuring that web visitors get to your site and buy what you have on offer! All you have to do is tell them what you want and they’ll get it done, guaranteed!

We are proficient in customizing our services to meet the needs of our customers while offering affordable SEO marketing. Each customer gets SEO marketing services tailored to suit his/her business niche. It doesn’t matter whether it’s SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing) or a vigorous e-mail campaign that you need: we will deliver to you the right service. Our professional team of SEO experts will be readily accessible to address your questions and to provide you with relevant solutions to your website promotion issues.

RSC SEO experts are at hand to address your business needs. You will be given the quality service that your business deserves. We conduct an initial professional consultation and website analysis at no cost to you! You will find our SEO, SEM and SMM services very affordable compared to our competitors. We are the best choice for your SEO marketing needs!

Here’s why you should consider us:

1. Real SEO Company has a remarkable reputation of getting sites of clients indexed on the first page of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.
2. We are a fully-integrated professional SEO marketing company and we hold our services to the highest standards of SEM, SMM, web design and development.
3. Our team of experts will generate targeted traffic to your website by getting your site indexed high in the search listings of Google and other search engines. This will translate into huge profits for your business!
4. We boast SEO experts with unrivaled experience in SEO marketing.
5. We are not a short-term SEO marketing company – here today, gone tomorrow! We are in SEO marketing to build a strong, solid and credible foundation for ourselves and our clients.
6. You will see credible results with our services! At least 90% of our clients have witnessed their websites soar up the search engine index; realizing a return of their investment (ROI) into our service(s) within 6 months of committing to us.
7. We boast real-world experience in SEO marketing, covering the entire range of our services. Our unique marketing strategies have aided our clients in topping and dominating the search engine listings for their business niches, thereby immensely enhancing their web traffic.

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